Why and How To Add a Forwarding Email Address on Gmail?

Gmail is the most widely used platform among the users and its users are quite happy with the features and offered in this mail service. If you are an existing user, you definitely understand how Gmail features make this service prominent and you also recommend to your friends to use this mail service just because of smoother service experience. This mail service can be accessed offline and there are some other services that make this service more vibrant. Email forwarding is one such feature which a user can automatically forward an incoming mail to any other recipient. If you are looking to do so, you can use the given steps or you can also approach to Gmail technical support team.

Step 1:Login to your mail account from which mails are to be forwarded, not that emails can be sent from a single mail account.
Step 3:Now go to settings and then click on “Forwarding POP/IMAP”.
Step 4:Now, click on “Add a forwarding address” in its forwarding section.
Step 5:Here, you need to enter an email address on which you are looking to send an email. Now click “Next” and then followed by clicking on “Ok”.
Step 6:Now you’ll receive a link to your mailbox for verification, you need to click on that link for verification.
Step 7:Now, go back to your settings and refresh your web browser now, then click on “Forwarding a copy of incoming mails to”.
Step 3:Here you can select to keep a copy of the file you are looking to send and in the end click on “Save Changes”.

Turn off this forwarding option is also simple. One can follow these given steps to turn off the forwarding option.

Step 1:First login to a mail account from which you are looking turn off forwarding of mails.
Step 2:Click on gear icon and then go to its settings.
Step 2:Next, you need to go to “Forwarding POP/IMAP” then click on “Disable forwarding in the forwarding tab”.
In case, a user is interested in forwarding selected messages then a user can use message filters while using this filter method you need to choose an email address to forward an email message. You can use these steps or you can also dial Gmail technical support number +61 283173538 .

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