How To Change Gmail Language Back To English?

For the convenience of the users, Gmail offers its email services in various languages. There is an easy instructional process to change your language or make English as your preferred language.

Follow these steps for changing Gmail language to English.

Step 1: Open Gmail
Step 2: Select the settings icon on the top right section
Step 3: Choose settings from the drop down menu
Step 4: Now select desired language from the "Gmail display language"
Step 5: Click save changes to lock desired language
Gmail includes a wide list of international and local languages used around the world. With appropriate language settings, the user never feels confused in accessing Gmail services.

For Australian Gmail users, who remain confused with the process of changing language in Gmail or look to make English as the preferred language then we are here to help. Contact our Gmail Support technicians, who specialize in guiding users to use Gmail services in desired language.

Gmail is working day and night to include value added features in every language setting. So, never feel panicked if you are unable to find any particular English setting. Thanks for patience, keep using Gmail services for years and years.

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