Secure Your Gmail Mail - Turn On Second Sign-In Verification?

By enabling 2-step verification, you secured your Gmail account with extra layer of security. It is also known as the "two-factor verification". Here you sign-in with your password and the security code sent to your registered phone number.

Steps to turn on 2-step verification in Gmail

Step 1: Visit the 2-step verification page ( Before entering the 2-step verification page, you need to Sign-in to your Google account.
Step 2: Select "Start Setup" in the box "2-step verification appearing on the right side of the page.
Step 3: Follow the secured steps of setup process.

After finishing the 2-step verification setup process, you will be required to review settings and add phone number. Now when you sign-in, you will receive a verification code as text message.

Once you enter the code on your personal computer then you can opt for not to ask code again. But, if someone tries to log-in to your Gmail account from other computer then the unique code is required. With 2-step verification process, you keep hackers away from your Gmail account.

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